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Last updated: February 16, 2020

The moon blocks the light of the Sun, casting a shadow on the Earth. In those places where this shadow passes, and a solar eclipse is observed.

Shadow strip width of 200-250 kilometers, accompanied by a wider penumbra, runs at high speed on the earth’s surface. Where the shadow is most dense and dark, a total solar eclipse is observed; it can last, at most, about 8 minutes: in the same place where the penumbra falls, there is already a complete partial eclipse, not a complete one. And outside of this penumbral no eclipse can already be detected – the sun shines there as before.

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So people finally learned why the solar eclipse takes place and, after calculating the distance from the Earth to the Moon, equal to 380 thousand kilometers, knowing the velocities of the Moon’s motion around the Earth in the Earth around the Sun, could already determine with absolute accuracy when and where solar eclipses will be visible .

And when these celestial phenomena, mysterious until then, became clear to people, people realized that much of what is said in the sacred script does not correspond to reality. There is a fairy tale that on the day of Christ’s death the Sun faded and “darkness all over the world from the sixth hour to the hour of the ninth” reigned. And we know that this could not be. To do this, it was necessary to perform another miracle – to stop for three hours the movement of the heavenly bodies. But this is as absurd as the tale of Joshua, who ordered the sun to stop.

Knowing the cause of the solar eclipse, it is easy to determine why there are eclipses of the moon.

Lunar eclipses, as we can imagine, can happen only during the full moon, then the awning is when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon. Getting into the shadow thrown by our planet into space, the moon of the Earth – the moon – is eclipsed, and since the Earth is many times larger than the Moon, the Moon is not for several minutes, but for two or three hours enters the dense shadow of the Earth and disappears from our eye.

The lunar eclipses were predicted by the people two thousand years ago. Centuries-old observations of the sky made it possible to establish a strict, but rather complex periodicity of lunar and solar eclipses. But why they happened – it was unknown. Only after the discoveries of Copernicus. Galileo, Kepler, and many other remarkable astronomers, it was possible to predict the beginning, duration, and location of solar and lunar eclipses to within a second.

Thus, we can conclude that solar or lunar eclipses do not represent any extraordinary celestial phenomena. They are natural, and of course there is nothing supernatural about these phenomena and can not be.


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