The Mexican star pinata has been a way to entertain children at parties for many years. They are not only decorated in many different colors but also provide children with candy once it has been hit enough times. They are so easy for parents to make and so inexpensive anyone that can handle glue and scissors can make them. These instructions will allow parents that don’t want to spend a fortune buying one easily be able to make them at home. It will get a little messy so its recommended to have a clear space to work in because we will be gluing newspaper to cover a balloon to form a hard cover. To make a pinata is not complicated but it does take more than a day to complete. These instructions will help you make a pinata for your next party celebration.
o Tissue paper (colors pink, orange, blue and green but its recommended to buy a small packet of each color, not all of it will be used)
o Masking tape
o Glue stick
o White liquid glue
o Newspaper (enough to cover the surface of balloon three times)
o 1 12″ balloon
o 1 long rubber band
o Scissors
o Flour
o Water
o Plastic container
o 1 big poster board
o Small rope
1. Once you gather all materials, cut the newspaper into two-inch wide strands and put them aside.
2. To make the glue substance start by mixing 2 cups of flour with 2 cups of water and ¼ cup of liquid glue. Mix until the substance has a liquid thick consistency if needed add more flour or water until consistency is reached. Then set aside for later use.

3. Fill the balloon with air until its makes an spherical shape, tie it and wrap the rubber band around the tied part. This will allow easy maneuver when forming the hard base.
4. Hang the balloon with the small rope then cover the balloon with the newspaper strands so that it at least has three layers. Then let the balloon dry through the night or place in a well-ventilated area for faster results.
5. To cut the tissue paper leave it folded as it comes in the package. Then cut 3″ strands, to each strand make equally sized vertical cuts that go 2/3 of the way up. Do this same step for all the different color tissue paper.

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6. To make the points for the pinata you will make equally sized cones using the poster board. To do this cut a 10″ by 10 square then roll the paper to form a cone, using the masking tape seal where they meet. Using the scissors cut the top of the cone so that it looks even. It will not be perfect, so you will make 1″ vertical strands all around the cone, more if necessary. Then fold the flaps made opposite from the cone.

7. Tape the cones to the pinata with masking tape to form the star.
8. Glue the already cut pink paper to all the pinata except the cones. To do this put glue on the edges of the paper and wrap around the pinata.

9. Glue the rest of the paper the same way but on the cones each different color.
10. When done cut a circular flap where the hole of the rope is.
11. Using the scissors make two small holes on either side of the circular flap. With a small rope pass it through the holes then tie the beginning to the end of the rope.
12. Tie a bigger rope to the small rope of the pinata to hang it from a tree and be ready to break


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