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Last updated: February 23, 2019

The Megalodons teeth play an important role in more ways the one. A. According to an article by Dr. Anne Marie Helmenstine on thought co.

A shark’s skeleton is made mostly up of cartilage with the Megalodon as no exception. Their teeth of calcium phosphate a mineral apatite. This allowed them to withstand the elements of time. The teeth would get buried in the sand, preventing decomposition by bacteria and oxygen. Over time they would absorb surrounding minerals which is what turns them black and alos further strengthening them as fossils.This is why scientist today relay pretty heavily on the teeth as a way to study and learn more about Megalodons.B. In a video from Discovery’s 2012 Shark week Dr.

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Chuck Campiglio talks about the 9 by 11 ft massive jaw the megalodons possed 250 teeth in over five rowsBite force of around 40,960 lbsBite could crush a small car.C. The size of the megalodons teeth came in handy when it came time to eat.

In an article on sciencing by Lisa Porter, she talked about how… Based on the size scientist estimate the megalodon needed around 2,500 lbs of food a dayAt the time the Piscobalaena nana was the main type of whale they ate.Studies also have shown that of the whale species meat eater whales like orcas where the ones the megalodons tended to hunt.Besides whales Megalodons ate whatever else it could to meet its needs like dolphins, sea lions, sea turtles and large fish.


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