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Last updated: March 3, 2019

THE MAX.NG WAY OF TACKLING UNEMPLOYMENT FOR LAGOS YOUTHUnemployment and underemployment have been on the rise in Nigeria. Employers are downsizing at a ridiculous rate. More devastating is the fact that government has failed to provide basic infrastructure that could boost employment generation and general development of the country.Consequently, unemployment has affected every structure of our society. It has cracked many families, turned many into professional beggars and contributes to dysfunctional of both the education and religious institutions.

It also stands to reason that there is a correlation between the youth unemployment in the land and varied heinous crimes.Though no state is immune from the unemployment problem, Lagos still stands out as a model of how the quandary could be solved. MAX.NG has a massive drive for empowerment as far as we are concerned.”If you walk around the streets of Lagos you see a lot of young people walking around with their backpacks on their backs and you ask, where they are going, the reality is that there is also a massive homelessness problem and an inability to meet end meet.

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Chinedu Azodoh vividly stated in a recent interview with CBNC Africa.Mr Azodoh further stated that what MAX.NG is doing is getting people off the streets, partnering with organizations like pro wheels to train them make them properly certified, partnered with Bajaj to get good motorcycles, change the status of their finances to stabilize them so that in the next two to three months they can get a home and they can essentially provide for their families and they can continue to grow.” They have backed up on their promise and over the course of two weeks have employed over 300 drivers recently to add to the previous numbers.


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