Topic: BusinessDecision Making

Last updated: October 22, 2019

The Management Information System represents a relevant idea with man, devise and marketing techniques of collecting information from both domestic and extrinsic sources and processing this information to facilitate decision making.A Management Information System is an integrated collection of components or entities that interact to achieve a specific function, goal or goal.

Therefore, it is a computer-based system that provides information for decision-making on the planning, organization, and monitoring of the operation of the company’s subsystem and the provision of a synergistic organization in the process.This research project will provide an overview of the use of CRM in the organization to increase the practice of analyzing profit limits for the organization and to achieve its potential goals like its effect on employees and customers while listing the search for the future.Successful implementation and control of the CRM project depend on effectively identifying and addressing constraints through master planning. CRM looks at the whole process of what an organization is involved in, whether it is a product or a service-driven the organization and it must involve every aspect of what they do – from suppliers through to the end application, from their internal staff through to their customer’s customer Kim Jenner, (2008).Customer satisfaction is a vital CRM variable that must not evade our empirical scrutiny. Indeed, customer satisfaction is central to the successful application of the marketing concept.

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Many company mission statements and marketing plans are designed around the goal of increasing customer satisfaction. (Claudia, et al 2001)


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