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Last updated: April 17, 2019

The main two differences between Egypt and China was government and culture.

Egypts main river is the Nile. This river splits into Egypt. Making the Nile river useful for farming and trade. Egypt also valued religion. But a lot of the ancient beliefs gradually faded and were replaced by new religions. Egypt also had a system of government that was different from most. Egypt had a theocracy.

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An theocracy is when a priest rules in the name of god. This made a big inpact on the egyptian people and there beliefs. As for hierarchy it is different as well.

They believed in Pharaohs. Which Egyptians thought were reincarnations of there god. And when they died they mumified them and put them in thomes under the pyramids they built.Chinas main rivers were the Yangtze River and Yellow River. These rivers were important to china becase they were located either at the south or north of china. They were greatly used for farming.

But had difficulty traveling due to the mountains China has. China is a monarchy government. Meaning a royal family would control the government. China also built tall structured like the great wall of china.


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