The main role that I was assigned in this particular project was to analyses the social media activities, web traffic improvement of the company and from this perspective create an online advertising campaign that could be utilized in different media channels for garnering funds effectively. The performance of data analytics along with critical thinking, research and past six months data about the organization allowed me to use and implement digital marketing knowledge in this project to create new channels for donor acquisition by enhancing existing online presence. In order to obtain reliable data, I utilized the online marketing analytic tool namely Ahrefs for running a technical Search Engine optimization aiding me to acquire market position tracking for and the observation of online traffic. There after I used different available sources for diverting optimal traffic to the fundraising campaign, thereby targeting new era donors by gaining more organic traffic. This was possible only owing to the learning gained from the course relating to a plethora of topics, conducting credible research, understanding the core business and requirements, objective interaction with faculty and organization during the work process and I recognize three important insights as below to operate small business to achieve sustainable growth.


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