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Last updated: April 26, 2019

The main reasons for conducting OPRAS in an organization is evaluation and feedback where when purpose for the use of evaluation it provides the input for decisions based on promotions, transfers, demotions, terminations and compensation i.e. salary increases and when used for feedback purposes, the appraisal focuses on the development of the individual, including the identification of coaching and training needs (Gibson 2004).

On the other hand, although OPRAS was instituted in 2004, about 2,500 public servants were trained on the use of OPRAS from the year 2004 to 2008 (Bana, 2009), anecdotal evidence reveals that, the adoption and institutionalization of OPRAS practices in the public sector in Tanzania has been minimal and if it is in practice there is no real applicability as per requirements of OPRAS intention as per organization strategic plan and annual action plan. Despite of the Tanzania Government efforts to introduce OPRAS to be implemented by its organisations but the system has faced some problems and many challenges in practicing, this includes inadequate and un-sustained training, poor communication between the senior management and their subordinates, unclear objectives which are associated with interruptions from politicians, budgetary constraints and poor prioritization, lack of openness when implementing the system, time concept, lack of specificities and lack of consensus agreement among implementers in order to develop a real and effective mechanism which can only be achieved by a paradigm shift in organizational culture and mindset to be supported by both senior management and political leaders with the collaboration of the all potential stakeholders (Mutahaba, 2011). Due to the factors mentioned…….

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.where these factors mentioned? Say due the factors mentioned above, the practices of OPRAS in the public sector has been deteriorating because civil servants and their Serpervisor/Managers haven’t succeeded to develop their personal objectives on their strategic planning process and organization`s respective delivery targets.Therefore, there is a need for this study to assess practices of OPRAS at Pangani District Council in order to unveil what is hidden for its betterment. State based on your title avoid ambiguity words, for instance the purpose of this study is to find out the practice of opras at Pangani District Council.


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