Topic: DesignConstruction

Last updated: March 20, 2019

The main problem of structure was making a space without columns to add fluidity to the interior and to achieve the free form continuous skin of the exterior and from that point we conclude that the relation “structure fitting form” was used.The building has two structural systems and they are connected to each other: The first one is reinforced concrete with a single movement joint which was mainly used as shear walls that bear lateral forces like wind (we have to mention that baku which means ‘where wind beats’ is subjected to high wind load), the concrete system was used also to separate different spaces inside the building and to make footing of the building. As earthquakes was a real threat in baku they had to make footings 150-foot-long below the ground to stand earthquakes with magnitude up to 7.0.

The other system is the space frame which enabled constructing the free-form structure without columns and saved much time in the construction process. There is some new structural solutions that were introduced by the building such as ‘boot columns’ at the west of the building and cantilever beam ‘dovetails’ tapering towards the free envelope to support it and connect it with the footing.The cladding of the space frame is made of glass fiber reinforced concrete and glass fiber reinforced polyester, and these materials were chosen because they have high ultraviolet resistance, high light reflectivity and can be cleaned easily. The seams of the cladding run parallel to each other which strengthen the fluidity of the external skin and plays a role in the aesthetics of the building.

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