Topic: Business

Last updated: March 26, 2019

The main challenge for Boss Café is the recruiting processes of their business. There are several ways that can improve their recruiting processes such as prepare a proper job specification and description. This is because it is crucial to provide a proper information about the requirement of the job and the skills required for the job position at their advertisement since the challenges face by Boss Café is some of their workers are unwilling to work by shift. By providing a perfect job description and specification, Boss Café will explain the expectation that they need from the applicants and also the mandatory skills for the job position. Additionally, preparing a various type of test to examine candidate instead of using interview is important for a recruiting process to look for candidates’ technical skills and strong background or experience. This is because some of the candidate’s resume and confidence can contain lies.

In order to figure out whether a candidate is applicable with the right skills, employment test is the most accurate way to implement.

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