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The Life of John Quincy AdamsPart I The birthdate of John Quincy Adams was on July 11th, 1767, in Braintree, Massachusetts. Adams’ birthplace was in a saltbox house. Adams started a diary with lots of information about the early republic. When he was young, he spent his time accompanying his father overseas to multiple missions. During his time overseas he learned lots of languages, like French, and Dutch. These overseas experiences really contributed to his life. His education was at many schools like Harvard and Leiden University. He married Louisa Catherine Johnson on July 26, 1797.

They had three sons and one daughter. The first son is George Washington Adams, the second is John Adams II, the third son is Charles Francis Adams, and their daughter is Louisa Catherine Adams. George Washington made him minister to Portugal and decided to still be in public service. Then later, when his father became president, he appointed him as minister to Russia.

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Then until 1808, he became a federalist for the US Senate. Later Q. Adams served as a professor at Brown University in Rhode Island.

Part II: Section 1 John Quincy Adams was a weird campaigner. Instead of campaigning publicly, he avoided getting pro-administrations tools such as newspapers. Adams beat his election opponent by gaining the support of Henry Clay, an American lawyer. Adams had just enough votes to win him the first election but didn’t get enough votes for the second election in 1828. His political opponent was Andrew Jackson and he was a tough opponent to beat. Jackson was a very popular man. Jackson didn’t win because of the twelfth amendment, which states, there’s is no major vote winner. John Quincy Adams had multiple political parties, which include, the Whig party, Federalist party, Democratic-Republican party, National Republican party, and finally the anti-masonic party.

When Quincy Adams won the election he was with the Democratic-Republican party. Adams’ vice president was John C. Calhoun. At first, Calhoun wanted to be president but he knew John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson were too powerful, and he knew they were going to accept him as vice president. One major conflict has Russia invaded Persia and won the land north of the Aras River. The Erie Canal was completed in 1825.

The Erie canal was a water passage that allowed sips to inexpensively travel between New York and the Great Lakes.Part II: Section 2Lots of cabinet members were added under John Quincy Adams. Henry Clay was the Secretary of State, then the Secretary of Treasury was Richard Rusl, and James Barbour and Peter B. Porter were the Secretaries of War, then William Wirt was the Attorney General, and finally, Samuel L. Southard was the Secretary of the Navy.John Q. Adams added only one Supreme Court Justice during his term.

Robert Trimble was the chosen Supreme Court Justice. One of the Supreme court cases that year was the Ogden v. Saunders case.

This case was about the scope of a bankruptcy law, in opposition to an article of the Constitution of the U.S. John Marshall was the Chief Justice of this case.One of the major U.S. conflicts during this year was the Winnebago War. There were miners mining in the Winnebago tribe land, and the Winnebago tribe thought that the U.

S. took two of their men to another tribe for execution. This war was quick though, because of all the military forces the U.S. had. One of the major U.S. legislation was the Treaty of Washington.

It settled the U.S government and the Creek National Council of Native Americans. A world event that happened in 1827 was the Duke of Wellington getting appointed the British Supreme Commander.

Also, ballet was introduced to the United States at Bowery Theater.Part II: Section 3John Quincy Adams didn’t appoint anyone for Cabinet. He appointed people at the beginning of his term. He appointed Robert Trimble as a Supreme court justice. Robert was appointed to be the judge of the U.S. District Court for the district of Kentucky. One of the supreme court cases is called American Insurance Co.

Bales of cotton. Judges later discussed it in the Dred Scott v Sandford where judge Robert Tannery said: “Congress could not ban slavery within a territory.” There were more than 6 court judges in this case.One Major conflict was the Russo – Persian war. As a result of this war, Russia gained victory with the Treaty of Turkmenchay. On May 19, 1828, The Tariff of Abomination was made to help protect industry in the northern U.

S. Jan 5, 1828, the first edition of the Amsterdam general trade Journal was released. March 24, Philadelphia & Columbia Railway first states owned was authorized. Railways revolutionized the way people travel in the U.S.Part II: Section 4 After John Quincy Adams left office, he got chosen to be in the House of Representatives and served for 17 years in Massachusetts. Adams was against slavery, so he was very passionate about ending slavery.

The supreme court was nice and declared all slaves to be free. This means slaves can just walk out and leave although they still need to work. There were no Major U.S.

conflicts in 1829. In 1829, Mexico abolished slavery. People and government had to support this abolition. On May 24, 1828, two acts were approved.

The first act was to give navy lieutenants hospital fund. This act gives the navy hospital money and insurance. The second act was to give the navy lieutenants a higher paycheck. This allowed navy troops to earn money when they’re out in the field. In 1829, the first typewriter was assembled. Adams was very successful in life. Before he was president he was a lawyer.

He is the son of John Adams and Quincy Adams died in 1848.


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