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THE LEADER I ADMIRENLM 100 MBBDeepak AhujaStudent ID: 128660180DATE: 2018/09/26Self-Introduction My name is Deepak Ahuja .I Am Postgraduate in Nursing From Baba Farid University of Health and Sciences,Faridkot, Punjab,India. I have done my graduation from Kurukshetra University ,Kurukshetra Haryana,India and worked as Assistant Professor in Nursing College.Some people make an impact on your life more than others and here is my story about the special one.In my life I have an greatest influential supporter who has not only influenced my professional life but personal life too. I really idolize my former faculty, Prof.

Balwant Rai, HOD, Medical Surgical Department. He was my Supervisor during my Post graduate research study. Basically, he is from Sri Ganga Nagar , Rajasthan , India. He believes in simple living and high thinking.

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He is simple in dress and habits and sympathetic at heart. He never loses his temper, nor gets excited. His behaviour with the students is brother like. In 2012-2014,he was my post-graduation when I met him first time. He joined Sri Sukhmani college of Nursing, Punjab, India as Lecturer in 2011. As during my graduation I didn’t involve too much in research study. Therefore, In Post-graduation I was afraid of research.

Mr Balwant helped me a lot not only in research ; statistics but also through my post-graduation. After my post-graduation I was recruited in the same institute and I have become the colleague of my idol teacher. He inspired me to believe in hard work and oneself. In my opinion meeting a right person at the right time is the best opportunity of life. I thank god for this giftMr. Balwant guided me a lot during my study period and my work tenure too. He identified my strengths and weaknesses and suggested me ways to improve and work further on my communication skill. As I know him personally; he is very much responsible to his family members i.

e. Parents, wife, children. I wish to be like him and encouraged to develop characteristic like him. The best thing I learned from him is that I could do it; a voice to believe in myself.

In addition he is definatly my role model as he as the source for inspiring me to start teaching. All my teaching skills are from his teaching. He taught me how I can become a good teacher like him.

He was very organized during lecturers and he also helped me to be the same.One day Mr. Balwant told me that “Teachers are meant for weak students” so always try to focus more on the students who are weak in the studies. I have applied this thing in my teaching profession.

From that day I have started giving special attention on the students who need more explanation for the topics. I have also passed this message to my junior colleagues.In the end ,I would like to say that Mr.Balwant with his great personality and teaching skills has been a source of influence as and has greatly influenced me to continue and enhance knowledge and skills in my profession. Last but not the least he has passed me some great skills not only through his teaching technique but also through some of the advices he has given me throughout past 8 years.When it comes to compare my leader with the CNO and RNO leadership criteria. There are n number of similar qualities in reference to my leaderl Below are ten compares of my leader to CNO and RNAO which are as follows;Sl.NoLeadership qualities My Leader CNO RNAO1.

Have positive attitude Yes Yes Yes2. Trustworthy YesYes Yes3. Advocate Yes Yes Yes4. Confident Yes Yes Yes5. Highly educated Yes Yes Yes6. Mentor and a role model.

Yes Yes Yes7. Encourages other staff members for Continues Nursing Education Yes Yes Yes8. Conflicts resolving ability Yes Yes Yes9.

Works Collaboratively Yes Yes Yes10. Effective communicator Yes Yes YesContrastNow, there are five contrast of my leader to CNO and RNAO which are as follows;Sl.NoLeadership Qualities My leader CNORANO1. Previous leadership experience No Yes Yes2. Does not have any kind of certification in leadership No Yes Yes3.

Business and finance knowledge No Yes Yes4. 5. REFERENCE:CNO. (n.d.

). Retrieved February 08, 2018, from

pdfRegistered Nurses Association of Ontario Association des infirmières et infirmiers autorisés de l’Ontario. (n.d.). Retrieved February 08, 2018, from


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