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Last updated: April 25, 2019

The land is a significant factor in the social and political relationships of Indigenous Australian and in ‘the cultural construction and transmission of knowledge’ (Goodall, 1996, p.

1). .. According to Indigenous Australian all the life is therefore related with the country, which means that people are still affiliated with land, other people and other living things through land.

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The Australian Indigenous People use the term ‘country’ when referring to land. Indigenous Australian feel it with their body, blood, The land is their father’s land, their grandfather’s land, their grandmother’s land, as the Indigenous Australians are related to it, it gives Indigenous Australians their identity, as they have a spiritual connection with the land. Bill Neidjie (1985, p.51)The term Dreaming is classified as a phase when the supernatural spirits ‘Ancestral Beings’ spread over the continent, creating landscapes, human society as well as rules and regulations. The Indigenous Australian relationship to land is therefore holy as well as blessed and hence cannot be replaced or lost. Indigenous Australian conduct ceremonies to ensure the connection within the land is rebuilt.

(Baker, 1999)The relationship between is based on reciprocity as well as respect. The land is a spiritual part of the Indigenous Australian’s and therefore cannot separate one from another as they both go hand in hand. Indigenous Australian’s are part of the land and in the same way land is part of Indigenous Australian’s


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