Topic: Literature

Last updated: January 4, 2020

The jokes have been chosen by many researchers, often becoming the center of their sociological, psychological, philosophical and literary interests. Examples of such studies are numerous.

In this respect, Salvatore Attardo’s chapter is dedicated to a chronological study of the literature. Starting from Plato and Aristotle and ending with Freud and Bergson, Attardo’s historical and analytical undertaking underscores the diachronic depth of the problematic. Nevertheless, there are fewer language studies on humor, although many researchers have tried to compensate for this lack in recent years. Most researchers focus on humorous texts and language, and describe them in the context of their work. The paradigm we are referring to is invented using the term theory.Raskin (1985), and later, Attardo and Raskin (1991) attempted to configure what would become the best-known theories in the field: The Semantic Script Based Theory of Humor (SSTH) and GTVH (General Theory of the verbal humor). Yet these models of verbal humor that is getting closer are continually remodeled and sometimes.

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