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The invincible Japanese gentlemen

Goals are one of the most important things in my, Your, his and hers life. With no goals we would be so boring and standard, no form of excitement in life. Without Making our goals in life, we wouldn’t have anything to look forward to or have anything to achieve, having no goals would have you lost, losing forever living like a loser. Goals are hard to get to, you will have people trying to stop you from getting there while you are on your way, but that is the special thing about it. Are you willing enough to fight through everything you are about to meet on your way? and at the end when you reached the top/Goal you will succeed on cause you will know everything you’ve been through and how tough it is so you will know what is waiting for you at the next goal. Just like the woman in the story of the invisible japanese men.

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First we have the eight japanese men that is sitting at a table at a restaurant that is called bentley’s, the restaurant sells fish and stuff and it’s name sounds expensive so the people who is there is probably upper class. The Japanese men is very gentle, they spoke quietly and whenever they said something they were bowing their head to each other and that’s their way of showing respect. We also get told that seven out of the eight Japanese men wore glasses, but i don’t know why the narrator wanted to point that out but there is probably a meaning behind it. The way he used these japanese men was smart, because the only meaning behind them is to show us readers how important the woman’s personality is, like they are so nice and such while she just shuts off the real world and live in her own trying only concentrating on herself and not the surroundings. The story is probably also called the invincible japanese gentlemen because the woman’s eyes wouldn’t see them, she would see nobody like they are invincible .

The narrator sits at his own table somewhere in the restaurant but sits close enough to observe and know what’s going on around them and the other british couple that he was very interested in, and as a reader he was making me concerned about them precisely because whenever the couple had to finish a sentence the japanese men somehow cut the connection between the narrator and the couple so we didn’t get everything the couple said. The woman was with her fiancé. The woman was a writer
she was very excited about her future because her book was about to be published, she was talking about her plans and where she wanted to travel with her future husband.

We hear a little bit about a Mr.Dwight who is the woman’s publisher- Mr.Dwight admires the woman’s talent so much. but the same week her book is expected to be published the same week she wants to get married. But you can say that her fiancé is a little bit uninterested in her work and the effort she has put in, so that is making her kinda angry in her personality, but he is like that cause he doubts her talent and he wants to rely on his uncle’s business because he feels more safe that way. He becomes a little insecure about marrying her and it gets obvious at a point cause he is not even listening to what she says and he just lives in his own mind trying to understand things properly. I as a reader see him as a realist, it’s like he does not believe in dreams and just want to make hundred percent sure that it is going to be possible to get to work get money and secure the future.

I feel like the narrator and the woman have a connection because they both are writers but he in the story didn’t achieve what she is achieving and he now knows about her book is about to be published, so he feels envious because she is already achieving her dreams at a young age while the narrator maybe just got to it and almost are at his end of his small career where she still young and can improve her skills and maybe life and other social things. Its also probably because she is so young that she shouldn’t be harsh at herself or others because she still has a lot to learn and she just need to sit back relax and observe any and everything around her instead of being so selfish.


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