Topic: BusinessCase Study

Last updated: December 31, 2019

The intent of this report is to identify the gaps in business of Ceramic which using traditional and modern concepts and how to enhance the business with using marketing strategy. The origin business was from old classic wall tiles to new stylist ceramic tiles with home ware concepts. The business has been shared with information of strengths and weakness for both ranges concepts.
The tool of market requirements is holding with criteria Order Qualifying and Order Winning which is crucial function to support the business. An Order Qualifying is a certain level just to be considered by customer and an Order Winning is a key reasons for purchasing the product or service. It’s an essential to approaching these two criteria between marketing and operations in order to delivers customer value. In developing performance of every companies, the identification of relevant order qualifiers and winners for various customer is a vital step.
By analysis HG Ceramic case study, primarily the company failed to differentiate the market requirement. As a consequence, lack of clarity, currently HG Ceramic holding high inventory levels of raw materials, inefficiency and complex in manufacturing process due to poor in material management, lack of skills development, resentment among workers by cause of low wages. In addition, constraint in distribution process and relationship between all the factories and distribution are strained.


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