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Last updated: April 10, 2019

The Indestructibone is made of a non-toxic polymer and is safe if ingested. Our Indestructibone is used by dog professionals nationwide. Our Indestructibone is a safe chew toy. It Our chew toy although hard, is softer than real bone, antlers and horns. It is specially designed to flake off in tiny pieces about the size of a grain of rice. It will not break off in chunks and this means avoidance of gastrointestinal blockages. The special design also means the Indestructibone material has “give” so no broken teeth.
The Indestructibone has no flavor or scent. You can add your dog’s favorite treat to the small treat hole on each end. This makes it great for dogs with food allergies and give you the ability to change the treat flavor which keeps your dog engaged.
Our chew toys are guaranteed to last for 90 days or we send you a new one free. Many of them last for months and yes, even years beyond this.
It is important that you buy the correct size for your dog so that it will last a long time and be a safe size for the size of your dog. Check out our reviews on our Bulletproof Pet Products website or Facebook page.


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