Topic: BusinessManagement

Last updated: October 9, 2019

The importance of survival is considered to be the most important driving force for many companies nowdays. A wide variety of needs and requirements are the driving forces that once officials realize that project management is necessary to make it happen, changes can transpire quickly.

Nevertheless, by not applying a project management methodology may risk the organisation’s efforts and the most significant one is that it may affect the overall effectiveness of it. Project Management Methodology is a strategic sequence of diverse recommended phases, procedures, tools and techniques planned to manage, control and assist project managers and those supervising or involved within IT projects by implementing project and product lifecycles. The role of these methodologies is to excecute the obligations required for each project with a variety of strategies and solve any problem that may occur. Throughout the project the methodology process is used as guidance in order to meet the requirements of the project from the very begginning to its completition.

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