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Last updated: November 19, 2019

The impact on body systems of an incorrect warm-upIf you make an incorrect warm-up, its can have an impact on one of your body systems. We use many systems, there is the nervous system that you need to feel when a part of your body hurts. The respiratory system is important because it brings oxygen your organism. The circulatory system that comports all your blood vessels carries the oxygen brings by the respiratory system to each part of your body.

The muscular system that comports your muscles is important because it gives you strength. The skeletal system that comports your bones is very important because without it we would be like a snail on the floor. This shows that there are many body systems and they are all fragile, so an incorrect warm-up can destroy them.Some warm-ups are incorrect, and then tour body isn’t ready to practice sports.

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If your warm-up is incorrect your body won’t be ready for the sports that you will do after and it will affect your respiratory system, you will have difficulties to breathe. When you have difficulties to breathe you don’t have oxygen in your lungs and if your respiratory system doesn’t bring oxygen to your body, the circulatory system won’t be able to bring oxygen to your organs. These organs will probably need oxygen when you will practice sports. The circulatory system will not bring oxygen to all the parts of your body that needs it. Without this oxygen some parts of your body will stop to work.

With these parts of your body that don’t work, you can have big health problems. All this explain why you shouldn’t do an incorrect warm-up.If you don’t warm-up or warm-up incorrectly, your muscular system won’t be ready to do sports. A 5 minutes warm-up increases blood in the working muscles.

More blood permits to give energy to the muscles. If you don’t warm up, your muscles won’t be ready for sports and you will probably be injured. Studies on animal subjects determined that injuring a muscle that has gone through a warm-up process required more force and more muscle length than a muscle with no warm-up. Warming up also increases the power of the muscles. With more power, your muscles will make you run faster or be better in the activity that you are practicing. This shows that warm-up is important for your muscles.If you do an incorrect warm up, your skeletal system won’t be ready for sports.

If you do a proper good warm-up your bones will be ready, and they will be able to support the weight of your body. The skeletal system is very important it comports 206 bones in the adult body. Without a skeletal system we will not be able to walk and to practice sports. If you don’t warm up, your bones won’t be ready, and they will break when you will run. Your bones are not very solid, and they can break easily. If you don’t warm-up your bones will be rigid and they will break when you will practice sports. This explains why your skeletal system needs a warm-up.

All this explains that warm up is very important. It is important for many systems of your body: the muscular system, the skeletal system, the respiratory system and the circulatory system. All these systems are fragile and if you don’t warm up it can damage them a lot. There are many different types of warm up and it is very important.


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