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THE IMPACT OF ISHRM SHS STUDENTS’ PREFERENCE ON BRANDED IMPORTED AND LOCAL SHOE PRODUCTMEMBERS:REYES, CRISSHA MARIE E.VILLARINO BIENCHAPTER 1INTRODUCTIONABSTRACTThe purpose of this research is to discover the preference of Senior High School Students on branded imported and local shoe product in ISHRM to know the impact and define what is more patronized by teenagers like them and how can we boost local brands to the market.

Its level was evaluated using variables, interviews, and data from selected students. Basic method was used in the study and some students was interviewed. The result shows how to boost local brands of shoes to the market. It can be concluded the effects why most of them buy imported brands of shoes. It is recommended that local brands of shoe should continue to work in durable shoes to adopt knowledge to the students and can help to sustain the goal of local brands.BACKGROUND OF THE STUDYBrand is the attachment or the relationship of oneself to a brand or product. It show the commitment, sacrifices and engagement to it (Cheong, 2013)Local brand shoes are products marketed which has made in a place you are existing of a place where you lived. Buying local products can help our economy to keep our money within our community as well as growth of economy.

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Imported branded are shoes brought from other countries with higher value of import upon entering a country. It is labeled by well known manufacturers.Fashion is something that teenagers wants to fit in, sometimes affects their lifestyle. It was practiced by there styles and outfits, foot wears and accessories. It is one way of showing creativity.

Fashion changes the world and gives different season. Personal encounter of customers affects their preferences. Positive experience may encourage and gain the trust their costumers. Their customers will also patronize the brand (Loureiro, 2013).

Brands, brands Identity and symbols also affects the relationship between the customers and the brand. It perceives how they are marketed and presented (Schimitt, 2012). The design and quality of product also influence the markets’ probability ( De Birro and Dekker, 2014)Blackwell et al (2001) stated that teenagers today live in a fast shifting world with information and technology advancing volatile rale. The previous study explore that the brand consciousness, perceptions, attitude and adolescents point of view. A brand can be defined as “identified product, service, person, or place augmented in such a way that the buyer or user perceives relevant unique added values which needs most closely. Furthermore, its success results from being able to sustain those added values in the face of competition De Charnatony & McDonald, 2003.

In addition Haskins, DJ. (2015) Also says that having a brand in a small or large company can be a strong key to protects the customers and this is another form of market strategy. Consumers can be categorized with attributes and connections associated with the brand.

Self image, or ideal self image, social image, product category image, brand preference and brand loyalty are some reference points in choosing a brand of shoes.As Shocker et al (1994) said that all brand managers should deal with the product involving the existing needs of the buyer. They have to deal with the all the changes in technological, distributions and competition.

(Al Olayan and Karade, 2000) conducted a study among selected African and Arab countries with reference to fill the gap in comparison to United State. The results shows that no difference between the African and Arab advertisement according to selected participants while in United state there are so much different. The study recommends new implications in advertisement to African and Arab. Kotler (2000) said that social, psychological factors may influence the behavior of the customers. Brand influence specified the brand whether approved or disapprove and ranges the product.A study in Hyderabad analyze the factors influencing the purchase decision of shoes by the consumer.

Buyers consider their commodity or their basic needs in purchasing. They classified it into four price, promotion, place and place. Considering the gender and income of the respondents. Soumya, S. et al (2010).According to Hawskin (2010) the characteristics of brand affects the consumer. The strongest influence is when brand or category is visible to the market.

Individuals’ confidence in purchase increases when it functions well.SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDYThe study would benefit may people, first the Government they may be able to identify the needs of Filipino youth in terms of fashion specifically shoes regarding the branding. And lastly, the manufacturing companies and industries it would be very helpful for them if this elaborates the ways how to boost local brand of shoes to the market and consider the preferences of the teenagers. SCOPE AND LIMITATIONSThe study will be conducted at ISHRM with 100 respondents, 10 students were asked for this study to cooperate to the survey and interviews that were conducted. The study is limited to the selected Senior High School students within the school only. Its purpose is to identify the impact of their preferences on branded imported and local shoe product. The study includes some personal information of the students including age, gender and home location.

The respondents were interviewed and given the same questionnaires to answer. The study focuses to the Senior High School students that were currently enrolled in the present school year, 2017-2018.STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMGeneral Problem In this study, we will reveal the impact of students’ preferences in imported brands and local brand of shoes.Specific ProblemsRQ1 : What do you consider in buying a shoes?RQ2 : Main reasons in choosing imported branded products over local brands of shoes?RQ3 : Which is more patronize well known logos of imported brand or new local logos?


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