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Last updated: August 9, 2019

The HR function has seen many transformations over the years but the increasing use of robotics in the workplace presents challenges and opportunities to the professionThe 2018 Deloitte Human Capital Trends report revealed that the adoption of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) is accelerating dramatically.

Forty-one percent of respondents rated this topic as very important. Almost half of the survey’s respondents said that their organizations are deeply involved in automation projects with 24% using AI and robotics to perform routine tasks, 16% to augment human skills and 7% to restructure work entirely.HR administrative are Creating a streamline, scale, and standardize processes or programs, centralized shared services functions lend themselves well to robotic process automation which systematizes manually intensive, high-volume, routine work. Imagine front-end rather than back-end system integration. that is, anything a human can do by accessing a system and entering data via an interface can likely be done using robotic process automation to mimic human actions.

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The influence of AI has already been seen in the arena of recruitment, remarks This is about ensuring that candidates have a personalized journey and one stage of the recruitment journey facilitated by AI is video interviewing.There’s a lot of hype surrounding the use of robotics to deliver personalized experiences online and to streamline parts of the hiring cycle. However, I believe there’s room for these tools to evolve with the end game being little distinction between talking to a robot versus a human. It’s also important to remember that, while bots may work to screen candidates, it would be very hard for a bot to assess the cultural or non-technical traits a person brings to a company. However, the speed of innovation in AI and machine learning is lightning fast, so more sophisticated machines will keep you wondering if you are interacting with a machine or a human.Currently, talent acquisition teams are overworked with administrative tasks, like sifting through resumes and conducting initial interview screens.

But, as organizations adopt recruiting tools that harness the power of AI, like text-based interviewing and automated scheduling solutions, these tedious administrative tasks will be eliminated, allowing recruiters to be more strategic with their time and focus on engaging, interviewing and hiring the right talent.”researchers also found that AI and robotics are opening exciting new capabilities for HR. The software can now recognize faces and identify gender, listen to voices, and identify mood and decode video interviews to identify education level, lying and cognitive ability. Analytic tools are intelligently selecting candidates, identifying employees’ career options, and coaching managers on improving their leadership skills.Organizations will need to try and identify what type of value they are adding to the organization and look at the available tools at their disposal.

Some of those tools are technological; some are people in your business and it’s about combining different types of solution. It’s about considering the best technology present in the workplace and how organizations will interact with that technology and how people will want to work and planning for that. It’s about a transition to a more automated workplace and the skills needed to facilitate that transition. The challenge to the profession is that in the next five to 10 years, some individuals within the HR profession will be fulfilling tasks that we know will be automated.

“However, the real benefit of using more artificial intelligence is that our human leaders can put more time into bringing more of their emotional intelligence to their role. Something we are still sorely lacking. It’s a time to let the computers do what they do best and let the humans do what we do best.


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