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Last updated: August 2, 2019

The Hamlet play Act 1, scene 1 involves Horatio and Marcellus talking to Barnardo and Francisco because Barnardo and Marcellus believe they spotted a ghost at night when guarding, but Horatio is in doubt, and suddenly the ghost appears looking like the king that had passed away—then Horatio talks to the ghost that then disappears. Then in Act 2, scene 1 Polonius takes action by sending one of his people to ask about Laertes, and then Ophelia has a conversation with her father about Hamlet that came into her room leaving her father bewildered.

In Act 3, scene 1 Claudius and Gertrud question Rosencrantz and Guildenstern about what they had talked with Hamlet in regard to their performance, but also in this scene is the plan for Hamlet love toward Ophelia. Continuing in Act 4, scene 1 Gertrude telling Claudius about Hamlet craziness resulting in Polonius death. Lastly, is Act 5, scene 1 of the gravediggers making a joke about the person that buried in how Ophelia killed herself, and one goes to get an alcoholic beverage as soon as Hamlet and Horatio enter and end up discussing the disrespect that the gravediggers showed.

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