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Last updated: November 27, 2019

The Great Gatsby is in the midst of educated, wealthy individuals who aren’t apprehensive about people who are not in their social environment. Everyone in this book cares about how they are recognized socially and economically. One who belongs to other social classes could never understand the glitz and glam lifestyle that the elite class has. Gatsby gains wealth but cannot relate to having a stellar education or certain social behaviors that come from old money. East and West Egg is known for being identified by class. East Egg is known for being seen as a lower counterpart in terms of money, behavior, and status.

While individuals form West Egg are sophisticated and superior in all aspects of society. Gatsby has a simplistic idea that money will solve all of his problems and that it is enough for him to win Daisy back. He didn’t realize that people from West Egg will always be financially stable and will have a permanent place in the elite society in which they live in. Hence why Gatsby could never win Daisy back and receive the acceptance that he was looking for.

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He had no sense of what reality he was living in and what came with being wealthy and to have high importance in society.


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