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The government could also provide recovery and maintenance centers for heroin abusers as a way to prevent more heroin overdose-related deaths. Supporting evidence sentences In her article, Olsen talks about the story of Matthew Joseph who was once a heroin addict before being helped by Helping Up Mission, a center that provides shelter and addiction recovery services (2018, p. 1). Matthew Joseph was able to recover from addiction and is now an alumni services coordinator at Back on My Feet, a nonprofit organization that helps people, plagued by homelessness and substance abuse, to go back to society (Olsen, 2018, p. 1).

The article shows that by providing recovery centers to substance abusers, help can be given to them and someday, they may return the favor to struggling substance abusers ultimately leading to a gradual decrease in overdose deaths. Studies have also been dedicated to research more on the problem of increasing heroin overdose deaths and have emphasized the need for intervention programs which could serve as support for progress in the heroin crisis (Huang, Keyes and Li, 2018, p. 1).

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Rebuttal evidence sentences However, there are also difficulties tied to recovery centers and rehabilitation programs. One such difficulty is discussed by Moore in her article that contains the testimonies of various people suffering from substance addiction and their families about the financial and emotional costs of getting into rehabilitation programs (Moore, 2018, p. 1). Moore states that some addicts report to having difficulties in rehabilitation programs as they often involve tedious processes and expensive costs which could sometimes lead addicts to overdose again especially if long-term treatment is not achieved (2018, p.

1). In addition, Moore also writes about the story of the family of a drug addict who was able to recover without needing to go to expensive rehabilitation programs (2018, p. 1). These suggests that recovery centers and rehabilitation all depend on whether they are provided easily and accessibly which is not often the case as doing so would be difficult for the programs and centers to do so. The article also supports the idea that recovery centers are not really necessary and it only depends on the individual with substance abuse to initiate recovery himself. Though, there may be arguments on why this solution is not plausible, it is best to keep in mind that there are still other options which might help to solve the high rate of heroin overdose related deaths. Solution # 3 Another way that the number of overdose-related deaths could be reduced is through the prosecution and arrests of manufacturers and distributors of heroin. Supporting evidence sentences Milloy speaks about the connection between a drug dealer and a drug addict and also states how overdoses work as advertisements for a drug by being proof of the potency of a drug which might entice a dealer’s customers (2017, p.

1). Here, it is clear that the overdoses only help dealers get more customers which does not help the heroin epidemic at all. Therefore, attempts have been made in Nothern Virginia to crack heroin trafficking cases. (Milloy, 2017, p. 1). Virginia’s efforts to stop drug trafficking has led to many arrests and seizure of huge amounts of heroin (Milloy, 2017, p. 1). These efforts could be start of the end of the heroin epidemic.

Rebuttal evidence sentences Although, Milloy gives an example of the lengths that a person would go to in order to get drugs as was seen when a woman addicted to heroin drove from Fairfax County to Prince George’s County all in order to get drugs from a dealer (2017, p. 1). This shows that even if the supply of heroin is reduced, people who have already been addicted to the substance would only demand more thereby making the efforts to reduce drug supply in vain. Also, Milloy states in his article that even though efforts were being made in Northern Virginia, tons of drugs are still being smuggled into the country through different ways and so, making the process of reducing heroin supply extremely difficult (2017, p. 1). These highlights the complexity of drug addictions in regard to its demand and supply. As rebuttals to the solution increase, we can only suggest more solutions in the hope of finding the right one.

Solution # 4 The government can also reduce deaths related to heroin by prosecuting heroin abusers and keeping them in prison. Supporting evidence sentences Shapiro, in the article, presents the FBI’s growing concern over the shifting addiction of drug abusers from prescribed drugs to heroin and the increase of heroin abusers in the last few years (2016, p.1). This increase in the number of heroin users could be used as a support to justify their arrests as it seems to be the only way to reduce heroin overdose related deaths. Furthermore, studies have been done by Huang, Keyes and Li (2018, p. 135) on the statistics of deaths in the United States relating to drug overdose and the trends relevant to it that highlights which demographic groups are important to pay attention to thereby providing context to as to how to solve the heroin epidemic. Through the help of these studies, arrests and capture of heroin abusers could be made easier and so, helping the resolution of the heroin crisis.

Rebuttal evidence sentences On the other hand, it has been discussed earlier that there are complexities in the demand and supply of heroin as was stated by Milloy (2017, p. 1). This proves to be an obstacle to arresting heroin users as with the decrease in demand comes an increase in the supply of heroin which would only lead others to become more and more addicted to heroin especially if the prices of heroin plummets. Moreover, Hoffman writes about Julie Eldred, a long-time drug addict of opiates, heroin, and fentanyl, who was subjected to probation due to crimes she committed as a result of her need for drug money only to relapse and be sent to jail (Hoffman, 2018, p. 1). Eldred’s lawyer believes that by jailing Eldred, the courts interrupted Eldred’s treatment thereby preventing her to recover from drug addiction properly (Hoffman, 2018, p. 1).

This shows that jailing people for their relapses or drug use would not help heroin or drug abusers as it would only delay the treatment that they need in order to get better. The solutions proposed all come with their own advantages and disadvantages and in the end, it all comes down to which solution is the most practical.


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