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Last updated: March 5, 2019

The Galaxy C4 , a phone that will blow people’s minds, literallyElectronics giant Samsung unveiled its much-anticipated Galaxy C4 last night, in its latest effort to bring a spark of euphoria among all phone users.

The presentation took place in the Brooklyn, and was packed with hundreds of curious engineers. There were many recognizable faces at New York, including Nokia CEO Stephen Flop and Tim Crook, who was recently fired as CEO of Apple after nearly 120 million people sold their kidneys in 2017 to purchase the iPhone X. After the production of the Galaxy Note 7 came to end, Samsung have decided to release a product which would bring back the a prominent and all-time favourite feature, the ability to overheat and explode. The Note 7 was a highly- discussed topic after its first incident of combustion. The discussion went through social media, news articles and numerous lawsuits. In spite of the negativity towards the product, Samsung CEO Kim Hyun Suk saw huge potential and decided to put it to good use by releasing the Samsung Galaxy C4.

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Samsung had previously made a similar feature with the Note 7, but the explosions were considered unsystematic, causing the deaths of many innocent people. The aim of the C4, as said by Mr. Hyun Suk, is to “trigger a detonation when the phone doesn’t come into the hands of the right people.” The phone features a designated two-digit passcode, the highest standard of security for any mobile phone. If entered incorrectly, the phone will explode, destroying almost everything near it. The explosion can span across one-eighth of the Steve Jobs Campus at Apple.

The Samsung CEO has been condemned by U.S. President Donald Trump, calling it “A HUGE deal.

” Amazon’s Bezos criticised the product: “If I’m going to be honest, I feel the notch on the iPhoneX is bigger than Samsung’s future as a company. Give a man an Alexa and you feed him for a decade, give a man a Galaxy C4 and you torture him forever.”Over the years, Samsung have revolutionised people’s lives, and, by introducing the C4, everyone can be in for a treat. The phone will come with a screen protector and a solid, dynamite red cover to any small bumps or fall along the way.

Many reliable sources gave their review many of which were praises.”Seven stars out of 5.” – The Sun”The security of the phone is like of the ADX Prison, solid stuff.”- Daily Tech The price of C4 starts at €1500, which Crook of Apple criticizes, claiming it is too cheap for its standard. The phone will release on December 29th 2018, and Samsung fans cannot wait any longer.


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