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Last updated: May 26, 2019

The first thing that comes to our mind when we say ‘Breastfeeding’ is the sacrifice of a mother for her child. Breastfeeding is also known as nursing where babies and small children are fed milk from a mother’s breast. Why do we see breastfeeding as a sacrifice? It is because to breastfeed one a mom has to not only sacrifice her time but also go through the pain and certain difficulties that may encounter her during her breastfeeding period. There is this saying tells us that breastfeeding is more to a mother’s determination compared to the production of milk. Although, breastfeed is something so essential, there is still an issue on seeing women breastfeed in public. T herefore, the were several researches carried out in overseas. The main objective of all these articles will be to study the reaction of public on seeing a mother to breastfeed her child in public.

From the first article, this study was mainly carried out to know the opinions of several shopping centres and restaurants managers if they see women breastfeed in their shopping centres and restaurants. First, those restaurants and shopping centres managers were contacted via telephone to check their availability to fix an appointment for the interview to be carried out. This was to avoid troublesome.

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The interview was carried out by asking four different questions which consists of the policy of the managers if women breastfeed at their place and what will they do if breastfeeding was carried out without their permission? Next, they were asked where a mother would need to breastfeed like if there’s only several areas arranged for a mother to breastfeed their babies and how will they react if they receive complains from other customers seeing a woman breastfeeding.From this interview they found out that almost a quarter of restaurant managers approve women to breastfeed in public. Besides that, there were a few managers that approved it because they say they can’t simply ask a mother to stop breastfeeding as they have no legal rights and by doing so it can lead to several legal problems. Meanwhile, almost half of all shopping centre managers says that they are fine in women breastfeeding anywhere. They claim that they don’t really know how to react if there are any complain from other customers because so far they never had receive even one. One of them did say that he does not wants to force women to breastfeed in toilet as it may be inappropriate.The second article was mainly focused on the opinions of adults at Ottawa, Ontario.

While, with the negative attitudes they examined several associations. The interesting fact in Ottawa is they this “Ontario Human Rights Code” where no one has the rights to stop a mother from feeding her baby no matter wherever it is. Despite, there are still negative perceptions from the public when they see a mother breastfeeding. This causes an uneasiness for mothers to continue breastfeeding their baby.Two new cool methods was used to carry out this research. One of it is via a population health survey done through telephone. They dial numbers of certain households and conducted the interview in two different language which was French and English. Next one they spread questionnaire to the public which consists of questions asking their reaction on seeing a mother breastfeed in places like restaurants and shopping malls.

Most of their responses comes with acceptable only if. Some of the ifs were like is she covers it, if she’s flaunting it and also some says it depends like which shopping mall or which restaurant it happens and are they allowed to do so?From this research, they found out that almost 75% accept a mother to breastfeed in public. However most of them agreed yet there were a number of people that shows less support to this issue. These people are from the category of adults with less or no children at home. Apart from it, in New York adults with children at home seems to be more fragile to breastfeed in public.

Besides that, people with poor education also most likely to disagree regarding this matter. Although, there are laws that restrict people from stopping a mother to breastfeed in public some individuals still disagree to it due to some personal opinions.In third article the research was mainly carried out to get the qualitative term and to study the attitudes of young men and women at the age of 18 to 23. Apart from it the researchers believe that by carrying out this survey they will be able to encourage others to have more campaigns regarding breastfeeding. According to them to see a woman breastfeed is acceptable or not is based the attitude of a personal individual. This involves one’s sexual urge.

For instance, some men said that it will be disturbing to see a woman’s breasts when she is nursing. A method of electing a few sample from many. They should be in between 18 to 23 aged and fluent in English and does not have any children. Almost 3 over 4 of them were the students studying in a university.

All the researchers should have taken ethics training before so that they were able to transcribe the interview for a more accurate results and also to identify pseudonyms and all these was to obtain saturation. The interview was carried out in a most intense way where one has to go through two phases of interview where on the first part they need to answer to the questions about their attitude towards seeing a woman to breastfeed in public. In the second phase, they were given several pictures of babies being breastfed by their mother and to describe how they feel about it. Their statement was recorded one by one. After the interview, they found that all the young men and adults wants their child to be breastfed in future as they know there many benefits in breastfeeding and the importance of it.

Although, not everyone agreed to see a mother breastfeed in public even under circumstances yet majority of them accepted to it. One of the reason because they knew it is completely legal to breastfeed in public and as long as a baby is fed on time when it is hungry. When it comes to those young men they still find it disturbing to see breasts of women being exposed in public as it makes them to wonder if they were actually a pervert or not. However, the results of young men’s acceptance to see a woman breastfeed have preceded those young women.The next article was to study the perceptions of breastfeeding in public of adults that participated in one big event in US.


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