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Last updated: March 3, 2019

The Favorite SpotI grew up in a small suburb called Dansoman on the west side of Accra the capital of my home country Ghana. It is vicinity that does not have more than 6,000 people. Dansoman was my favorite place and still my best ever community that I have lived in even though I have relocated here in the United States I still cherish the memories I had growing up as a young lady.

It is a Suburb of natural beauty a range of incredible hills, mountains and valleys, it is surrounded with shops, fast foods, pubs and girls markets, the aria also exhibited galaxy of stars at night when standing on the hills looking the valley. This place had the most spectacular sunsets I had ever set my eyes on. There was a playground situated on the edge of the many beautiful valleys, and that was indeed the most favorite spot I have ever witnessed growing up.I recall a number of places quite vividly from childhood; foremost among them was my childhood friends, Ama (friend) house built on a small hill that had a small size garden of fruits grow in and around it mainly avocados, oranges, mangoes and almonds. Growing up as a child with Ama’s family being good catholics as well both my parents get along so well.

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Ama and I usually attend that early morning mass and worship together. I love the hymns, singing, and dancing. Every Sunday, Ama (friend) grandma visit and the family will had lunch with my family, she loved to baked and therefore she always had pie (with beef or tuna filling) in her bag and I enjoyed it with a bottle of coke. Grandma love to sit in the garden which allow us to play in their fruit garden; it was my favorite spot with benches arranged in the walkway to the garden. We hide in that little garden each Sunday after church for several hours chatting and telling stories. I was so comfortable and felt good that I never wanted to go home till my mother came to get me. Anytime my mum is looking for me, she knew am in the neighbors garden.

Sometimes we sit under the almond tree and gets breezy with chirping sounds of birds. The yellowish leaves peel all over the place. We compete to climb the tree like squalls, who will reach the top first, and one will fell and other follows, running after each other all over the garden till will fell on the ground with sand in our dresses, hair and faces.In the garden, Ama will go for her Dad red and black squares chess and we played. We both agree on anybody who wins need to run in the garden and looked at the valley for thirty-minutes. Then we started to compete among ourselves for reward and I sometimes won.

As a child, family is the most important people in life, when growing up around valleys , hills, mountain and garden. In social activities, experiences and memories that we share within our daily lives.


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