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The factors that contributed to the extinction of trees on the island were:The people of Easter Island wiped out their forests: deforestation.Charcoal from wood fires cames to fill the sediment cores, and the pollen of trees decreased until they disappeared.Rats prevented the regeneration of dozens of trees such as palm trees, they chewed the roots and trees could not germinate.People over harvested without knowing that rats were eating the seeds.

Conflicts and cannibalism. First, I would start by sensibilizing people about the consequences of deforestation and the importance of trees in an environment. Knowing that the population needed wood for cooking and trees ropes for erecting the statues, building canoes, I would tell the population not to cut trees more than they are growing, and not to kill birds, because birds can favorize pollination.

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An environment without trees could create chaos, because everything depends on plants. I would recall that the loss of their forests could lead to the extinction of many animals such as birds. Modern botanists have identified 47 species higher plants native to Easter Island. Most of them were grasses, sedges, and ferns.

There were 2 species of small trees and 2 of woody shrubs. Eventually, european visitors asserted the island’s fertility. In order to bring evidences to their conclusions ( that Easter Island was diverse in biodiversity), Scientists studied the amount of bones buried ( archaeology), pollen analysis, and prehistoric sites (paleontology). With the use of radiocarbon methods, they found that Easter island had a subtropical forest of trees and woody bushes towered over a ground layer of shrubs, herbs, ferns, and grasses. The islanders also palm trees which became a valuable food source.

The loss of such a diversity is caused by the islanders. The biodiversity of Easter Island in the past was really diverse compared to now which is only constitute of insects and a poor vegetation. In the past , the vegetation was characterized by a sub-tropical forest. The animal species disappeared and now, there is only few insects.

Yes, it can be explained in terms of terms of complexity and disturbance. Disturbance, because islanders caused the extinction of species and impoverished the vegetation. Complexity, because of their disturbance the levels of a paradisiac biodiversity is now a barren of sand and shrubs. And, this creates a little bit of complexity. Yes, it a well justified comparaison. What happened to Easter Island centuries ago might also happen to our planet if we act exactly as the islanders: exhausting our resources, polluting our environment and killing animal species.

The consequences will be the same expect if we change our lifestyles.- Parallels Both are caused by humans greed,and the satisfaction of their needs,Depletion of the resources without thinking of consequences,Deforestation,Soil erosion,Extinction of species,Ecocide. – DifferencesEarth biodiversity is different from easter island’s biodiversity,No cannibalism on earth,The civilizations are different,We are educated and know the consequences, but they didn’t,It is not too late for us. In order to prevent a population crash of the entire population, we will have to consume less than what we produce or get from our planet. We will have to carefully use our resources to avoid a crisis, thus our biodiversity will increase because we will stop killing animals.

We will politicians and educated men to take risks of their actions. The author makes assumptions by giving similarities between other countries devastations and Easter Island. He recalled past civilizations that disappeared, but there is no historical data that Diamond gave at the beginning.

Did cannibalism really occur if Easter Island is surrounded by fishes ?


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