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Last updated: April 18, 2019

The Export-Import Policy (EXIM Policy), announced under the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation Act), 1992, would reflect the extent of regulations or liberalization of foreign trade and indicate the measures for export promotion. DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) is the main governing body in matters related to Exim Policy. The main objective of the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act is to provide the development and regulation of foreign trade by facilitating imports into, and augmenting exports from India. Foreign Trade Act has replaced the earlier law known as the imports and Exports (Control) Act 1947.Although the EXIM Policy is announced for a five- year period, announcing a Policy on March 31st of every year, within the broad frame of the Five Year Policy, for the ensuring year.Export-Import (EXIM) Policy frames rules and regulations for exports and imports of a country. This policy is also known as Foreign Trade Policy.

It provides policy and strategy of the government to be followed for promoting exports and regulating imports. This policy is periodically reviewed to incorporate necessary changes as per changing domestic and international environment. In this policy, approach of government towards various types of exports and imports is conveyed to different exporters and importers.Export refers to selling goods and services to other countries, while import means buying goods and services from other countries. Now in the era of globalization, no economy in the world can remain cut-off from rest of the world. Export and import play a significant role in the economic development of all the developed and developing economies. With the growth of international organisations like WTO, UNCTAD, ASEAN, etc.

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, world trade is growing at a very fast rate.There are two aspects of Exim Policy; the import policy which is concerned with regulation and management of imports and the export policy which is concerned with exports not only promotion but also regulation. The main objective of the Government’s EXIM Policy is to promote exports to the maximum extent.

Exports should be promoted in such a manner that the economy of the country is not affected by unregulated exportable items specially needed within the country. Export control is, therefore, exercised in respect of a limited number of items whose supply position demands that their exports should be regulated in the larger interests of the country. The principal objectives of this Policy are:1) To facilitate sustained growth in exports to attain a share of atleast 1 % of global merchandise trade.2) To stimulate sustained economic growth by providing access to essential raw materials, intermediates, components, consumables and capital goods required for augmenting production and providing services.3) To enhance the technological strength and efficiency of Indian agriculture, industry and services, thereby improving their competitive strength while generating new employment opportunities, and to encourage the attainment of internationally accepted standards of quality.4) To provide consumers with good quality goods and services at internationally competitive prices while at the same time creating a level playing field for the domestic produce.

Under protective trade policy a country manages to protect the domestic economy from the competition of foreign goods which may threaten the domestic goods and would definitely replace the domestic products from the markets leads heavy losses to the domestic producers may also cause the situation of unemployment in the domestic country and instead of the development of under developed economy. The outward looking trade policies not only encourage the free trade but also the free movement of goods and services, capital and the investment of foreign investor in your country through an open system communication.


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