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Last updated: October 27, 2019

The evolution of education has changed within time. Who doesn’t want to improve on their education? Maybe you want to get that job promotion in your field of work or even just to improve your skills and knowledge. Since many of our lives are becoming more hectic most people don’t have time to sit in a traditional class room. Therefor colleges and universities give you the choice to pick online classes or traditional classes. This seems to be a popular demand for most students, since online classes can be flexible and more convenient for students that have more than one job or have a family to raise. Although online classes seems like a great deal there a several questions one should ask before committing to online classes.

Lets first talk about a few benefits of online classes. Online classes can be great for your pockets. Since online classes tend to be cheaper than traditional classes. Why you ask? Well first off online classes use e-books instead of hard copy textbook, this is great because you don’t have to carry books around and you don’t have to worry about paying for a textbook since online classes usually included that when you pay for the class. Another great quality of online classes is since your not actually stepping foot on the campus you don’t have to pay for those extra fees.

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This is one reason why traditional classes cost more since you’re also paying for the maintenance of the campus. When you’re taking classes online you tend to socialize less. What I mean by this is that you don’t ever make face to face connection with anybody. This could be an issue especially if you’re already struggling with social skills. Regular classes do group discussions which help students socialize with one another. In a regular classroom setting we can talk to the professor face to face and get feedback if we have any concerns or questions and with online classes you have to send an email and wait for the professor to respond, which can take a few hours or a day depending on the professors timely response. Students tend to believe they still have enough time to complete work and wait last minute to finish or get started with their assignments and don’t end up doing the best of their ability. Procrastination is not a good quality to have if you want to take online classes.

Students that decide they want to do online classes should have self discipline and self motivation. Students need to take into consideration that they will still need to participate in classroom discussions, weekly homework assignments and read over any class material that the professor has assigned. This give advantage to students with busy life schedules to log on when they can and complete their daily or weekly assignments on their own time and pace. One most know how to mange their time wisely. Every online class policy is different, not all follow the same rules or guidelines on how to run their classes. For instants Arizona State University online, a student must spend 8 hours or more a week online to work on coursework and class room discussions. They may log on whenever they can and want as long as they spend 8 hours or more on assignments.

Students may even log in from their phone which makes it even more convenient if they do not have accuse to a computer. In a regular classroom you have to be at the class at the time the class is scheduled, and you can only miss a few days before the professor drops you from the class. The professor will also go at his own pace in class, which will sometimes cause you not to catch some information.

Some students like myself need a little extra time to go over readings or assignments to be able to fully understand the topic. Lastly taking online classes or traditional classes is really up to you and what works best for you. Its not always easy to make it to class on time and to step foot in a classroom every day but if you are a procrastinator and not self disciplined than maybe online classes aren’t for you. I believe that online classes can be for everyone as long as you are motivated and know how to mange your time you will be successful with online classes, and you can use the great advantages that online classes has to offer. Resources Stack, Steven Dr. (2015)” learning outcome in an online vs traditional course,” International journal for the scholarship of teaching and learning: Vol.9: No 1, article 5. Southern regional education board.

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