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Last updated: January 29, 2019

The European Young Conservatives organized an International Leadership Summer School, held at Bomo Club Premium Resort in Leptokarya Greece from 25-27th May. A unique forum for youth to network with sister-parties from different parts of Europe (UK, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden etc.)The objectives of the Summer School were training on policy, campaigning and fundraising among the 20 participants who attended this training. The activities at the summer school were also conducted along with speakers, presentation and workshop.After arriving all participants , chairman, vice chairman, councilor, speakers and delegates had gathered at the bar of hotel All participants, presidents and secretarieComing together under the common language of science, students discussed at length and sometimes clashed or reached a stalemate in talks. Although daunting at first, these impasses gave valuable experience for understanding the process of debating an issue to find a solution, and also for the students to be able to present their thoughts, ideas, and opinions to others in a constructive and confident manner. This helps to instill a belief that no matter how difficult or unclear a situation may seem, a way forward can always be found.

In the new era ahead, there is no clear path. It is the ability to make new paths and establish new ways of thinking in science that will be necessary in such times. Learning at the International School of Science changes students’ perceptions for the better, and students have the potential to change the world for the better.

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