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Last updated: July 24, 2019

The employees need to support and acknowledgement at all levels in the organization to increase performance and productivity of most organizations. The employees feel they are supported from the organization through the organization valuing their efforts, cooperation and pays attention to their welfare.

Perceived organizational support is defined as the perception of employees how the organization supports their employees through values their contributions and care about their well-being (Burns, 2016). (Abed &Elewa, 2016) define Perceived organizational support as The Perception of employees how the organization acknowledges them and cares about their well-being. Also (Mary, 2012 ) define Perceived organizational support as the beliefs of employees in regarding how the organization responds to increased efforts at work and how the organization meets their socio-emotional needs.Dimension of perceived organizational support:- The dimensions of perceived organizational support are supervisor support organizational rewards and fairness, and favorable job conditions. Supervisor support is referring to a measure that managers interact with their subordinates and support and assist them. Also it is defined as the perception of employees how the supervisor values their participation, contributions and cares their well-being and comfort (Beheshtifar,2012).

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Similar to how employees perceive how their organization respects and cares about them, PSS involves developing the perceptions of employees how their supervisors care for them and value their contributions (Baran et al,2012). Perceived supervisor support is different from perceived organizational support, however, in that Perceived supervisor support focuses on how supervisors provide employees with support and assistance as agents of the organization. Perceived supervisor support consists of interactions between the supervisor and subordinates that are deemed positive interactions, which increase the level of Perceived supervisor support, and negative interactions have been shown to reduce Perceived supervisor support (Dabke& Patole, 2014).


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