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Last updated: March 30, 2019

The Elusive Creature The wind was howling and there was an auburn moon on a dark foggy night in the forest.

There were two noises one was that of the forest , the other something unheard of and beyond human imagination. It was something so vile even the bravest of us feared to lurk around that gawd awful sound, until the night we came to town. I was not the bravest but I felt that whatever was really going one was just some being misunderstood. I would’ve have soon found out I was terribly wrong. If only we had stayed home maybe she’d still be alive. Through the dark decaying forest me and five others were searching for “The Beast” uttering that horrid sound.

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After awhile we took a break then it was too quiet , Anne had gone home or so we thought she did. We continued the search for what everyone in town feared. Along the way we stepped in something ,It was crimson red ,at the time i had no idea what it was but now i know it far too well. The closer we got to the sound the more i feared what it was or what it could be, maybe the town was right. Finally we reached where the source of noise had started but then it went silent , I didn’t like it.

There was a castle enveloped in green moss . We entered the clearing and the noise started again , but this time it was louder . As we were walking we heard something but this time it was not the creature it was Anne; Anne was my little sister I Was supposed to keep her safe and take her home that night . After much time of grieving we decided to split up to find out what had killed my sweet innocent little sister ,who had dreamed of one day being a doctor and saving the world one life at a time; I really wish we had gone back.

As we moved on i couldn’t but to think it should’ve been me , she was dead because I wanted to prove something that I should’ve never gotten involved with . As I walked out of the forest into the middle of the clearing I felt something. It looked strangely familiar, as if I’d been here before. I noticed a gazebo, that was oddly familiar too. It was old and worn out, covered in leaves , moss and decaying grass. The base was nearly impossible to see, it was entangled in vines, sticks and decaying foliage.

I felt as if it was, a part of me but from a distant past. I couldn’t help escaping the eerie feeling that I had been here before or maybe it was my nerves placing me on edge , but still the feeling kept tugging and pulling at me ; how did I know this place? All of a sudden I blacked out, all I could think was, were am I? Was I in another world? It was a beautiful, sunny day. The flowers were blooming the birds were chirping . Mom and dad were up on the gazebo dancing. Anne was singing,and you would never have believed that she was shy, if you ever got the rare chance to hear her sing that is.

Her natural strawberry blonde hair really complemented her beautiful green eyes , fair skin and freckles on her face. She was wearing a pure white dress covered in flowers and layers. She was also wearing her favorite necklace, the one mom had gave her before she died. It was a soft baby blue colored pearl necklace with a secondary piece that linked into the locket, it had mom and dad’s wedding photo in it.

She was the most beautiful, playful, and kind hearted sister I could ever ask for. She handed me a soft white flower to smell. I grabbed the flower from her and decided to smell. As I did, I started to become black again. I awoke at the gazebo. Across the field I saw a man.

He was tall, older, wearing a black dress shirt with an olive trench coat black sleek pants and wore muddy shoes. I thought I was dead for a moment Because I could’ve sworn I saw my father but As the man got closer I noticed he had browning hair with green eyes (just like me) , my father had auburn hair with blue eyes. Who was the man, the closer he got the more scared I got, but for some reason I just stood there motionless and helpless.


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