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Last updated: March 18, 2019

The Effects Learning American Sign LanguageAmerican Sign Language is a journey into the deaf world world of people living inAmerican and Anglophone, Canada. ASL allows deaf people to be able to communicate and participate in Various activities where sign language is used. This is important to them without language it is impossible to learn about their culture. American Sign Language is specifically made for the deaf.

The internet has made it easier to learn how to sign. There are numerous ways to learn outside the old classroom methods. For example, there are online lessons and video tutorials to help with understanding and learning the language. American Sign Language is the most highly regarded asset of the Deaf Culture. Spoken English is almost useless to the deaf. Even if they learn to read lips, the comprehension of English would still be hard to understand. I am impressed with signing as a visual form of communication and that it can be learned by using hand movements and gestures to make a statement or show different expressions.

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Mouth movements are limited because in some cases it can be interpreted as making fun of the deaf. I certainly would not want that to happen. I feel that American Sign Language is the best way to communicate with the the deaf.


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