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Last updated: March 7, 2019

THE EFFECT OF VIRTUAL COMMUNICATION IN BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS IN THE PHILIPPINES Virtual communication is the outcome of modernized or computerized technologies. It had changed the way companies work in gaining profits. Today, it has been one of the most important ways that people can communicate.

Virtual communication is one of the most used medium on the business world for wide range of purposes. It helps the business to have a wider range in terms of communicating or interacting to its customers and employees. It is a tool that was used for more efficient way of exchanging information at work. Virtual communication has platforms also known as Web broadcasting, Webinar, Video conference, Webcasting and Video-on-demand. This change with usage of virtual communication can be an advantage or disadvantage for a business organization. According to researches, one advantage of virtual communications is conduction of virtual meetings in businessess.

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It had helped business to do tasks and interact with each other more easier. However, this type of communication can also lead to disadvantages to business organizations.


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