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Last updated: January 22, 2019

The dynamic hedge fund reports are provided to show the numbers, size, and locations of the funds. They show experiences of growth over periods of time which is measured either by the number of issued funds or rather the assets that are under the management. In addition to the above, they show the accountability and transparency by offering information associated with the financial health of the types of companies in the target for investment. Regional brokerages offer such instruments to enable investor protection from risks that are associated with hedge funds. Another reason for their provision is increasing competitiveness (Capocci). The hedge funds are vital in maintaining competitive edges in capital markets.

Brokerages provide essential research details that attract the human as well as financial capital which fastens economic growth. They provide crucial information which contributes to the efficiency of financial markets by providing security prices. Hedge fund instruments aids in unlocking the stakeholder or shareholder’s value. The activist hedge fund intends to increase the benefit of the shareholder through the company ownership and the demands that are made in favor of improving the management and the business strategies. To unlock the shareholder value, managers of the funds use brokerage research materials to get data on how the company is faring and therefore work to change the company’s capital structure, regulate expenses, among other strategies that avail shareholder earnings.

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The last reason is the offer of guidelines to investors. The reports show the overvalued and undervalued equity securities. They reveal the funds with highly expected returns which one can invest in. In the cases that there exists no type of funds that investors will be willing to invest in, they will also give the option guidelines for standard deviation. The funds that are found to have greater deviations than the guideline is put aside for later considerations. Before investing in a hedge fund, investors should be warned that high returns don’t necessarily aid in identifying attractive funds.


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