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Last updated: July 22, 2019

The Dream DoctorDreams are created from ideas from many sources. Family molds our early beliefs and peers take over when we begin adolescence.

However, what is truly in our hearts and minds becomes apparent when we begin to look at our life after high school. For me, I hope to someday save lives by practicing medicine. My dream is to alter lives through life-saving medical technology. My family instilled in me a journey of assisting others throughout my life and medicine is something that I hope can continue that path. Consequently, I dream to forge a path of personal success and the formation of a dedicated medical professional who saves lives each and every day.

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Initially, I have been given a spirit of volunteerism and giving to others, and a love for community by my family. My mother kept me highly engaged in my community by insisting on community service. I have volunteered for everything from the local homeless shelter soup kitchen to the Lafayette Bar Association. Throughout my efforts, I have served all facets of my community, from the wealthiest to the neediest. The personal joy that service to others has given me cannot be put into words; however, when I think about it, I smile widely.

I have learned many lessons and have overcome some of my greatest challenges through my service. My greatest feat will be harnessing the zeal and ambition to serve others into a career in medicine. I dream to build a glittering future for my immediate family and I dream to create personal success. My mother and father taught me the value of hard work, which is evidenced by my 4.0 grade point average. I have taken the most difficult Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment and Honors curriculum I could manage, all while playing on the state championship varsity football team. It has not been easy; I have had to give up nights with friends and family.

I want to be a person that is loyal and caring to my loved ones that can also be influential to all that surround me. Religion has given me the Golden Rule mentality, and it is my religious education that sets the foundation for me to achieve my dream. At the same time, I recognize my dreams may change, but I hope if they do, they will morph into something even greater for me and my family.Subsequently, I acknowledge my work is not only my creation, but is the constant and unending support of my family, who has traveled on this treacherous path of life with me. I see my family as the beacon in the night, shining bright, even when I sometimes wanted to shrink into the darkness.

I know that my success is because of them guiding and leading me, and I hope to repay them in the years to come. My mother always tells me “we need a doctor in the family”. She says it’s so I can help family when they are ill. That may be true; however, I believe that in me, she sees greatness.

Being a doctor quantifies all my mom and dad’s years of helping me with homework, taking me to school and practice, and generally being a wonderful influence on my future. The me that exists as Kade Ryan Simar is one they helped to shape. Continuing my education towards a medical degree is a dream in which I can use their solid foundation into making me a caring and selfless physician. It is for all the above reasons that I dream to put my all into studying to be a physician.

My path has been covered with golden opportunities and hard work. I hope to continue this journey towards being the best person I can be, and ultimately someone who others feel good about looking up to.


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