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Last updated: August 31, 2019

The documentary is very interesting. It showed us many facts about whales and how they interact when separated by their loved ones. Blackfish is a documentary about a killer whale. Sea World is a place to get happiness and be entertained by whales doing intricate tricks, but its a fact that orcas are held In captivity and unhappy worth that splash amusement. In documentary the argument is that whales are not as harmful as they seen.

Also, that whales get harmful when separated by their loved once. The film states that when a whale loses their family or their family is taken away they tend to get aggressive and attempt to kill people. Its believe this documentary is effective because it uses actual footage effectively to create coherent narrative as well as using extracts from interviews to a create a narration rather than just an added voice over; this create unique and more engaging documentary. It’s also effective at putting across a point view to the audience and trying to persuade them to certain opinions.

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