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Last updated: April 15, 2019

The “Development Administration” is concerned with the development of a country’s economics and society or, more rightly, with socioeconomic changes in a society. The main objective, however, remains to build a nation. Since it’s a continuous process of formulation, reformulation and implementing a set of goals in a certain time frame, therefore, it carries characteristics like socioeconomic changes, being result-oriented and client-oriented, and Commitment or Motivation.Being result-oriented, its focus is on purposes, loyalties and attitudes. Purpose is socioeconomic progress, change and innovation.

Loyalty is to constitution, country and people. Attitude is always positive, persuasive, participatory, flexible and adaptive. Here it would be equally important to mention that administration of development and development administration are two different concepts; the former emphasizes that development can be achieved through administration while the latter stresses upon the need to enhance the capacity for development.

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Both converge as far as end results are concerned.AdSense-B – AdSense-BMere economic growth doesn’t mean that development has taken place in areas like investment, capital-formation and industries, and has increased national income nor does it mean that overall development and growth have been achieved; since it must be viewed in totality by including social, political, cultural and economic dimensions. The objective of development shall remain the social justice as it provides foundation for development.

Similarly, development has to be a participatory process; it no more can remain the privilege of only the elite who wield power and have say. This has been one of the obstacles to the development of Third World countries. Bringing and implementing any good idea nurtured in the West means adopting an inclusive development approach to get the desired results. Relying on one’s own resources is an important and inseparable aspect of development. It asserts that the developing countries while formulating and adopting policies be at equal footing and any agreement should not be based on the exploitation of the other. Scarcity of resources is another issue of develop-ment, therefore, it must be kept in mind that overexploita-tion of resources blindly for the sake of development will bring potential challenges to development.

It calls for maintaining balance in development approach.Overall evaluation and implementation of development administration programmes are carried out by the bureaucracy playing leading role in developing nations. Bureaucracy and development are two components of development philosophy; however, both possess opposing values. Bureaucracy is viewed by Weberian model and other theorists as doing same routine, unchanged and repeated procedures day in and day out without getting influenced by external factors.

While development as a concept, on the other hand, is seen as a phenomenon influenced by change and is responsive to external factors, adoptive in attitude. To realize the concept of development, both are complementary. Now what is required to transform the bureaucracy into an administration of development is to provide them training in the real sense that brings attitudinal changes, and understanding the ecology of the system.

It also includes the building of special knowledge houses in order to play the role of a development administrator. A lot more is still required to be done to tread on the path of development for bringing socioeconomic change.Comments


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