Topic: Education

Last updated: November 3, 2019

The definition of Indianisation of higher education in China on the basis of the constructed framework above would need a collection of Chinese higher education institutions where elements of Country India is formerly institutionalized in terms of Ethos, Process, Activity, Competency, Evaluation, and Employability. The Chinese higher education has already been increasingly marked as one of the best higher education systems in the world. The favorable social environments and the high-profile higher education institutions have been fostering and facilitating the higher education in China towards excellence. The number of Indian students studying in China has been increasing rapidly since the few last decades. The mobility of students and scholars have been one of the most traditional modes of Indianization in China.

Some important reasons for not including the international students learning about India at Indian studies centers in China could be the geographical closeness of the two countries. Although China is culturally more open, politically stable, and economically far developed than that of India (see Figure **), the geographical closeness would yet drive the students to learn about India in India only.

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