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Last updated: March 3, 2019

The debate for making term limits for Supreme Court Justices has been going on for decades but yet there has not been a change. I believe the Supreme Court Justices should have term limits in their run. This is because of the bias that happens when a justice serves for a very long time. Setting term limits for justices will give a greater opportunity for others to have a seat in the Supreme Court. To start, Supreme Court Justices should have term limits because the longer a justice stays in the Supreme Court the more bias they get with their decisions.

I also think there should be term limits due to the study done by Washington University in St. Louis states that justices vote in favor of free speech issues that are in lined with the way they lean politically. Also according to the New York Times they said that “Out of 71 cases from 1790 to 1937 deemed important be a standard reference work and in which there were at least two dissenting votes, only one broke by party affiliation.” This proves that the longer the justices stay, the more bias they get. If the justices would have had term limit the bias would have been switched up many times so voting wouldn’t be one sided all the time.

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Another reason to why Supreme court justices should have term limits is because, people are in much sharper shape mentally in their 40s, 50s and 60s than they are in their 70s, 80s and 90’s, meaning that the decisions older justices make would probably be different judgment. Term limits would create better judgment on cases and less bias throughout the judicial branch. I don’t agree at all that the Supreme Court Justices should run in office forever because there is no good reason for them too, and it probably puts stress on them to make serious decisions at a very old age. An 18 year term is what most people agreed on which would be fair for a Supreme Court Justice since they already serve for life. The justices right now are fine, Ruth Ginsburg is a very old lady and she says she is holding on to her position, I believe she should retire and spend time with family and friends while she still has time and even though she will most likely get replaced with a republican justice, it will happen anyways.

Arguments on the other side, were that Supreme Court Justices should serve a life term is so that they do not have to worry about being thrown out of the court after making a decision. I don’t agree with this because if you are worried for being thrown out of the court for making a bad decision, then don’t make bad decisions, especially in the Supreme Court. Other arguments include that the basic purpose of lifetime appointment is to assure the integrity of the power granted to Court Justices and protect them against unwarranted interference from either the legislative or executive branch. I also do not agree with this because the only arguments back are that they are scared of losing their position so they serve for life. In conclusion, Supreme Court Justices should not serve for life and that there should be term limits for each justice, preferably 18 years which is a good amount since they are already in there for their whole life. Old supreme court justices have more trouble mentally the older they get, so setting term limits would make it easier for them and others and prevent bias from their decisions in court and that is why Supreme Court Justices should have limits to their term.


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