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Last updated: February 25, 2019

The critical success factors that are related to achieving market orientation is 1) focusing on the desires, wants and needs of the customers. For example, customers are the persons who brings in revenue within the company. Without customers a company would not be able to meet their profits and revenue targets. As a result, the company success is dependent on how it serves the customers, were the customers happy, were the customer needs, desires and wants met. 2) a company should study its competitors within the market. For example, a company that research their competition are more likely to be driven and motivated to perform better to increase sales and become more successful within the market.

3) a company’s product should be able to maintain every different stage of a customers live. For example, squeeze; which has been around for years. Today that product has the same great consistency as the one of the past. Which makes householders still purchase this product to wash their dishes.

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