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Last updated: April 9, 2019

The Cradle Company is a California based organization offering parental resources such as advice, education, consultation, and medical help to help parents learn best practices of parenting including lactation, childhood education a, and sleep training that is crucial for the physical and mental development of the child, and fostering healthy relationships between children and their mothers. Through the help of professional caregivers, parents to newborns can learn to create bonds with their children from an early stage in the serene environment of the facility. The company currently has 22 members of staff, and a variety of outsourced care specialists necessary to provide adequate and quality service, having started out as a parental resource center in 2009(The Cradle Company).Answer 2I believe that the current policy of priority for heterosexual parenting needs to change in an age of increased adoption by gay and lesbian partners. In fact, a scrutiny of the current staff at the organization reveals the lack of staff with expertise in same-sex partner adoptions and the complications for both the adoptive couple and the adopted children.

In fact, contemporary management theory on non-discrimination gives the management the impetus of not only applying inclusivity among the employees, but also on the overall operation of the firm, including the manner of dealing with clients (Brodzinsky & Pertman, 2011). Additionally, the fact that the company operates in the parenting resource industry puts it in a unique position of formulating policy to cater for gay and lesbian adoptive parents.

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