Topic: DesignConstruction

Last updated: March 10, 2019

The construction plan provides details about the work to be done and the sequence it would be done, specifies the critical activities.

Developing a plan is critical to supervision the construction and involves five steps: 1. Determination of the general approach to the project 2. Breaking the project into small activities with the work breakdown structure 3. Establishing sequential relationships 4. Presenting the plan graphically as a network 5.

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Endorsement of the plan by the project team Clough et al. 2000 Planning construction projects “requires an in-depth knowledge of construction methods combined with the ability to visualize discrete work elements and to establish their mutual interdependence” –backward reasoning Clough et al. 2000. A great deal can be learned regarding a project through the planning process. Potential problems are often identified and addressed well in advance of construction. The plan is graphically displayed as a precedence diagram, which completely and accurately presents the work activities and their interrelationships.

To develop a complete network, it is necessary for the planners to visualize and consider the entire project from start to finish. The network clearly shows the sequence of work and is an efficient means of communicating the plan.


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