The conspirators have to convince the people of Rome that Caesar is a careless man and that he deserved to be killed for the sake of Rome. On the contrary, Marc Antony, who was a loyal and close friend of Caesar, comes and turns the tide over to his favour.
He does this by delivering a powerful speech to the citizens of Rome at Caesar’s funeral. I think that Antony is a very skilled orator because he uses rhetorical devices, such as: ethos, pathos and lagos very well. He persuades the people of Rome by giving them compliments such as, ‘Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears’. This suggests that Antony is getting into the crowd’s heart and I can see that his speech was very raw and emotional. I know that Antony is speaking about something he truly cares about as he seems a lot more open and exposed. It is very clear to me how much Caesar’s death has affected Antony. He definitely doesn’t try to hide his emotions about Caesar from the crowd as he uses these emotions to play on their hearts. I think that exposing his emotions like that was a very bold move to make but i think that Antony knew it would work.

Antony uses repetition to appeal to a common folk’s emotions. He repeats the words “Brutus is an honorable man”. The statement, however, was really being said with a sarcastic tone. Brutus is really not an honorable man. This restatement is emphasizing the importance of the sarcasm. Antony also used many rhetorical questions. The most prominent question was whether the people thought Caesar was truly ambitious: ‘Did this in Caesar seem ambitious?’ The emotion of appearing not to be foolish would probably best go along with this statement and rhetorical device. The people would probably just nod and agree, without thinking twice. Antony’s speech was filled with rhetorical devices affecting the emotions of one.

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