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Last updated: April 9, 2019

The conjugal family was the core value in Egyptian society.

They had a lot of pride in one’s family, and Ancestry was traced back through both mother and father’s bloodlines. Respect for the mother and father was the cornerstone of ethics and morality of one’s family. It was also the essential duty for the oldest son, and occasionally the oldest daughter to care for his or her parents in their last days and to ensure that they received a proper burial. Marriage was a business arrangement, which was arranged by the couples’ parents and seems to have taken place at a younger age. Whose the couple was married they would start having children, especially sons. Having sons was a priority to promote fertility and prayers for successful childbirth. The daughters would be considered ready for marriage after the first menstrual cycle and the sons were able to be married from the ages of 16-20.

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The reasoning for them to be able to marry at a young age was because they had become established to be able to support their families. Even though the marriages were arranged in some cases, Some will continue to stay married, and some could end up in a divorce. Divorces were not uncommon in Egypt. Virginity was not necessary for marriage, However, once they do marry they are to stay faithful to there spouse. Egyptians have changed the ordinary practice of humankind. The women would attend markets and are employed in trade, while the men stayed at home to do the weaving. Men carried loads on there head while the women carried them on there shoulder.

The most significant challenges that the Egyptians faced was the weather and the Nile river. They were afraid that the river would be either too high or too low. The fluctuation of the Nile river and irrigation could affect agriculture, cause plague, famine and starvation diseases, trade and animal husbandry.


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