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Last updated: November 20, 2019

The company Munchy Food Industries Sdn Bhd (Munchy’s) founded in 1991 by two elder brother from Tan family who asked their father to allow them to start their own business. With their father agreement, their business started out as a cottage operation in Batu Pahat, Johor Malaysia. Its first piece of equipment was a second-hand, single line wafer stick machine value at RM 80 000. With their high spirits they try their best to produce the highest quality wafer sticks around and they make it as Malaysia’s No.1 homegrown biscuit brand. In year 2006, Munchy was recorded in Malaysia Book of Records as ‘Largest Wafer Manufacturer in 2005’.The Munchy’s portfolio boasts a wide range of products that includes wafer cubes, crackers, biscuits, wafer rolls, wafer sticks (coated and uncoated), cream sandwich biscuits, cookies and plain sweet biscuits.

The brand is trusted for its high quality and food safety standards, which are achieved through strict verification procedures. Inspections are carried out on raw materials, work-in-progress, as well as on the end product, which are regularly sent to accredited external laboratories for chemical and microbiological tests.In their team of management, there were nine members:1) Rodney Wong- Chief Executive Officer.2) Ng Ban Huat- Director of Operations.

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3) CJ Goh- General Manager (Finance).4) Nadraju Alagan- General Manager (Treasure).5) Lim Imun- General Manager (Marketing).6) Christopher Kok- General Manager (Export).7) Edward Chen- General Manager (Strategy ; Business Development).8) KK Cheah- General Manager (Human Resources).

9) Shanti Ramu- General Manager ( Legal ; Secretarial Affairs).Munchy’s believe in strong and effective brand building. It achieves this objectives through strategic consumer-led communication and promotions that focuses on through-the-line activities such as advertising on traditional media, digital advertising, prints and store activation and promotions. The company’s brand promise of ‘colouring moments with cheeky fun’ is reflected in all its activities, both internal and external. With a strong belief that Munchy’s is set apart from the rest, this differentiation has been the cornerstone of the company’s success. An example, the corporate logo is a reflection of the company’s fun, bold positioning.

In efforts to demonstrate how delicious the products are, the font is styled with bite marks that are intended to encourage consumers to “BITE ME!” That is also the corporate tagline. The colour red in the logo symbolizes the soul of the company- ‘Bold’, ‘Energetic’, ‘Adventurous’, constantly ‘Ready to Go’ and to immediately spring into action wherever there may be an opportunity.


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