The Cold War started after the second World War when the alliance of the Soviet Union and the United States broke apart. It’s purpose was to stop communism from spreading so, the United States lead the Democratic Nations and the Soviet Union the Communist Nations. The cold war began because the United States and West Europe feared the spread of communism so the United states fought the Soviet Union, which were against them, using economic wars, promoting information, and numerous military clashes. A year after the Cold War started, the “Iron Curtain” descended dividing Eastern Europe from Western Europe and the Soviet Union played a big role in making that happen, as Winston Churchill said in his speech, March 5 1946. Secondly, the Soviet Union made East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and the soviet union into a “Soviet satellite”. These satellites provided a buffer for the Soviet Union because the satellite nations would help them track invaders. On March 12, 1947 when President Truman was giving speech he said he believed that it is the United States obligation to support the people resisting attempted domination by outside pressure. He also said that if communism was focused more Turkey and Greece it will have a bigger impact to the West. He suggested this policy which was called the Truman Doctrine, which was a policy in which the United States was obligated to support Turkey and Greece economically and military. Then, secretary of State Marshall’s was giving a speech in which he explained his plan for the recovery of Europe. This plan was called the Marshall Plan. The Secretary of State Marshall suggested this because if Europe has economic, social and political damages it will make a big impact in the world so they are trying to avoid that. The purpose of NATO, North Atlantic Treaty, is to protect North American countries and ten more Western Europe countries that were under attack by the Soviet Union. It was like an alliance with against the Soviet Union to protect each other. All that signed the policy agree that any armed attack against one of them in Europe or in North America will be considered as an attack against all of them. Nikita Khrushchev said that the United States only wanted World Power. In his speech he also said that they were trying to cover it up by using an “anti-communism” slogan. Even Though they didn’t use weapons both superpowers were producing them in other to give them a message that they can actually fight them. That was called the “Arms Race” which led to a “balance of terror” that some saw it could cause a war. In conclusion, the cold war started because of the fear that communism will spread. Another reason because it started was because of the alliances made against each other such as NATO and the Warsaw pact. Lastly, the gathering and acomululating of atomic weapons or picking sides lead to a conflict called the Cold War.


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