“The City in Slang: New York Life and Popular Speech”, by Lewis Allen. One key point that I find interesting about the reading is the theoretical history of slang in popular speech of lexical culture within New York City due to the expansion of urbanism culture in society which make slang words or names for example rubbernecking, hurly-burly, the Big Apple, the urban jungle, straphanger, the upper ten, hokey-pokey man, and the tenderloin are also slang words and names that are acceptable in urban society.
People in New York viewed slang word and names in urban culture as a new idea of communication and causing a change in diversity because of the rapid growth of urbanism by new intuitions, lifestyle, social and ethnic groups. In addition, Slang is spreading throughout the entire New York City metropolitan area with popular speech and mass communication with the industry of entertainment throughout the 1900s until the present. Urban culture slang words and names in popular speech are used in media, art, and literature with urban novels that explains the aspects of urban people in life, short stories, Broadway plays in the New York Palace Theater, talking movies, songs that contains slang that are taken as the voices of the city about social and urban diversities, commercial radio, newspaper comic strips in the New York Times that viewed people within slang culture in the city. Slang started to decline in the suburbs after spreading out of the metropolitan area of New York City due to changes with urban society and people in the urban city will never forget the slang names or phrases in their memories. The strengths with the author that slang words and phrases is a popular speech will spread to different places and live onto neighborhoods and societies and the weakness is that slang words cannot be part of grammar and education in urban culture. I experienced people on my street talking slang words and phrases that they heard from memes, songs, movies, television, and from their friends from work as well from school.


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