The CIPD professional map is an online self-assessment tool used by HR and L&D professionals to help them in their careers. It sets out the standards for all HR professionals. It is shown as a wheel and has three working parts, core and professional areas, behaviours and professional competencies.

Professional Areas
There are ten professional areas; the first two of these are core areas which form the foundation of all HR and L&D careers regardless of your role or what stage you are at. Without these two cores area we cannot develop on our roles. The other eight form a circle around the two core areas, these show the different HR professions and describe what you need to do and know for each during your career.
• Insight, Strategy and solutions (Core Area)
• Leading HR (Core Area)
• Organisational Design
• Organisational Development
• Resourcing and Talent Planning
• Learning and Development
• Performance and Reward
• Employee Engagement
• Employee Relations
• Service Delivery and Information
Surrounding these professional areas there are eight behaviours, these identify how we are HR Professionals need to carry out our work.
• Curious
• Decisive Thinker
• Skilled Influencer
• Personally Credible
• Collaborative
• Driven to Deliver
• Courage to Challenge
• Role Model
To the right of the wheel the four bands of professional competence are shown from band one to band four. These show us how we progress in our HR career and the challenges we face when moving up.
HR and L&D practitioners can use the map for help their own careers and development. We can use the CPD map to show which stage of our development we are at so that we can see what we need to develop more on. We can also use the map to help us with interview and appraisal preparation, looking for a new job or building a case for development.
The CIPD map can also be used by HR and L&D professional for their organisation to help with developing pathways, building competence Framework, identifying areas for development, skills required and team capability

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